Thank you to all the residents who sent in photos to the contest this year. They were all so wonderful! Dr. Nardino has made his picks! Congratulations to the winners!

Category: Home Is Where The Heart Is

1st Place: “Downtown View” – Karthik Gonuguntla
2nd Place: “Pyramids” – Khalid Shalaby
3rd Place (tie): “San Sebastian” – Nerea Lopetegui Lia
3rd Place (tie): “My Happy Place” – Flor Becerra

Category: Best of Connecticut

1st Place (tie): “Spring in Hartford” – Nerea Lopetegui Lia
1st Place (tie): “Rebirth” – Mikhail de Jesus
2nd Place: “March Past” – Radhika Kulkarni
Honorable Mention: “A Happy Mythri Spotted in Her Natural Habitat: West Hartford Reservoir” – Abhishek Madathanapalli
Honorable Mention: “Can’t Beat the View” – Khalid Shalaby
Honorable Mention: “Best Building in CT” – Suong Nguyen
Honorable Mention: “Hillcrest Fire” – Flor Becerra
Honorable Mention: “Costco” – Sruti Velamakanni

Category: Pet Love

1st Place: “Waiting for Another Zoom Sesh” – Suong Nguyen
2nd Place: “Knowing Glances” – Flor Becerra
3rd Place: “Lily & Leo” – Casey Cuccio
Honorable Mention: “Dreaming’ of Dad at Work” – Jon Steinmetz
Honorable Mention: “UConn Love” – Garrett Fiscus
Honorable Mention: “Lola” – Meghan Snuckel
Honorable Mention: “Quarantine Qrew” – Bryan Stringer
Honorable Mention: “Fins & Kisses” – Erika Faircloth

Category: Scrumptious Food

1st Place: “Bake Me Happy: A Farmer’s Dream” – Flor Becerra
2nd Place: “Homemade From Pita 2 Pickles” – Jon Steinmetz
3rd Place: “Soul Food” – Suong Nguyen
Honorable Mention: “Feeling SoFISHticated” – Karthik Gonuguntla
Honorable Mention: “CT Strawberry” – Khalid Shalaby

Category: Friends & Family

1st Place: “The Family” – Meghan Snuckel
2nd Place: “62 Years of Marriage” – Teresa Da Cunha
3rd Place (tie): “Friends” – Mythri Anil Kumar
3rd Place (tie): “Friendsgiving” – Karthik Gonuguntla
3rd Place (tie): “Wadsworth Wicked Wall” – Khalid Shalaby
3rd Place (tie): “My CT Family” – Flor Becerra

Category: Altered Images

1st Place: “Altered Reality: Florzilla” – Flor Becerra
2nd Place: “Portland Maine” – Karthik Gonuguntla
3rd Place: “NYC” – Nerea Lopetegui Lia