Residency can be very stressful. It is very important that you take time to find what makes YOU happy and incorporate those things both in and out of work. The pages in this section focus on helping you find that balance. You can find a calendar of upcoming fun events as well as links to outdoor/indoor/children activities. If you’re new to the area, check out the “recs from residents” section which lists places recommended by our very own residents (tried and true!) for those everyday errands. If you have pets and they aren’t yet featured in our “pet corner” send their pics with names to Erika! We also always love new memories to add to “memory lane.” 

Lastly, regardless of how much “wellness” you add to your day, sometimes stress becomes too much. It is important that you get the resources you need to get you back to feeling your best. Click on “get support and resources” for links and numbers to confidential counseling, emergency hotlines, and outreach. Don’t forget, we are all in this together!